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Why Full Spectrum?

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: 

A phrase used to refer to hemp extracts which have not compromised the natural cannabinoid contents of the crop. Leaving all of these cannabinoids in place provides an entourage effect unique to the given strain of industrial hemp in use. All hemp products contain less than 0.3% THC concentrate in their whole makeup.

Why Full Spectrum? Full spectrum refers to the concentration of several cannabinoids in our raw hemp oil found in every Hidden Lake product. When you buy full spectrum hemp products from Hidden Lake, you’re getting our unique blend of cannabinoids including CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG and always <0.3% THC. When combined it is believed these compounds interact synergistically, have specific therapeutic attributes and the impact of the whole plant is greater than the value of its single parts.

Hidden Lake Extraction Process
Meet the Plant

Our Extraction Process Originating in the fields of Choteau, Montana, our entire process, from crop to commodity, is handled within our beautiful home state. Our facility operates in Missoula Valley, alongside some of our partners including P3, a group working to make use of the whole crop by reducing waste and and finding innovative alternatives to tossing the leftover plant in landfills. We make our oils using a fermentation-derived alcohol extraction process. This method preserves many of the natural components lost in other methods maintaining many of the plant’s natural characteristics. Maintaining the plant’s natural essence retains several other desirable components of hemp including chlorophyll, which has been used as a general health and immune booster, and a wider array of cannabinoids. We attribute our extracts’ earthy flavor and brilliant emerald green color to this process. There is no residual alcohol in Hidden Lake products.