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About Us


Whether you are experiencing the elements of life or of nature, Hidden Lake is here to help you find your balance.

We are a group of sustainably driven farmers, biologists, chemists, engineers, outdoor enthusiasts, creative thinkers and consumers who are committed to the well being of people and our planet.

We established Hidden Lake because we acknowledged that the cannabis industry was being fundamentally misunderstood and underutilized. When used to its full potential, industrial hemp will help us tackle a collection of the problems inherent to the modern world. We also recognized the demand for domestic innovation, transparency and scientific development in the industry. We will revolutionize the market through education, partnerships and supplying only the highest quality hemp extract products.

Industry Knowledge

Through our combined expertise, our unique team has over 20 years of experience in science, sustainability, market trends, product development, and entrepreneurship in industries such as food, flavor, fragrance, skincare and biofuels.

Quality Assurance

We work with an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory to ensure the quality and purity of our product. All of our products are tested by a third party analytical testing laboratory to verify the product meets our quality standards. We have provided our spec sheets directly on the website. Additionally, we are a Certified Level 2 SQF Facility. While this is not a requirement for hemp processing, it reflects that our facility executes good manufacturing practices and is certified for processing and production of food grade material.

Why Hidden Lake?

We believe in the importance of your well-being and the ability to find everyday balance. We believe in the overall health of people and our planet, that’s why our product is created by team of sustainably driven farmers, biologists, engineers, chemists, outdoor enthusiasts, creative thinkers and consumers. We believe in cannabis and its benefits, which is why we have the license and ability to grow, develop and test hemp-based products while providing innovative, natural solutions to our customers and partners. We believe in the importance of domestic innovation, transparency and scientific development. We believe in supporting our local farmers and overseeing the entire process from crop to commodity. To ensure the integrity and purity of our supply, our hemp is grown, processed and refined in beautiful Montana by our vertically integrated brand. We believe we can revolutionize industrial hemp products and sell them at an affordable price without compromising quality. We believe in giving back to communities and organizations that benefit the youth, the planet, veterans and women in science.